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G. Alan's Fine Jewelry Presenting Ring Crackers to be Carried on 17 Trucks

G. Alan's Fine Jewelry and Coin

G. Alan’s Fine Jewelry and Coin, in partnership with Jewelry Innovations, is donating 17 Ring Crackers; one for each fire station. In addition, they are donating a silicone ring to all active firefighters.

The ring cracker is a tool used to safely remove rings made of modern materials such as Serinium (Vitalium), Tungsten Carbide, and Ceramic that cannot not be removed otherwise, if the finger is swollen or injured. The tool is named for the cracking sound you hear when it safely applies pressure to the ring while on the finger.

Silicone rings are made of soft and pliable material that can be safely and comfortably worn while preforming tasks such as manual labor, yard work, and exercising. They can be worn by men and women who work with their hands, without the fear of losing a finger should it get caught and pulled. 

The presentation of the Ring Crackers will be on Wednesday, June 20, 2018, at 3:00 pm, at the beginning of the Fire Board Meeting, held at the St. Lucie County Fire District Administration offices, 5160 NW Milner Drive, Port St. Lucie FL.

“Our goal in donating these ring crackers and silicone bands is to bring awareness to ring safety, as well as educating our community on where to go to safely remove rings they cannot remove themselves and offer a safe alternative. We suggest people who are in need of this service find a local fire station or trusted jeweler.”– Janessa Harden, G. Alan’s Fine Jewelry

“We appreciate this generous donation and will be able to implement distribution immediately. As for the silicone rings, many of our firefighters will be using these on duty in place of their regular wedding rings for their own safety. We’re very grateful to G. Alan’s Fine Jewelry for these donations.” – Nate Spera, Fire Chief


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