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Showcase of the Arts

Renaissance Charter School of St. Lucie, Showcase of the Arts

    Renaissance Charter K-8 of St. Lucie recently hosted a Showcase of the Arts, open not just to families but also community members.  

The upheaval of the COVID pandemic caused the cancellation of many school-related events both this year and last. Although the students still participated in the programs, audiences, most notably the parents, missed out on band concerts, choral performances, art exhibitions, dance recitals, and more.  

               Thanks to the easing of the COVID restrictions and the dedication and passion of the school's teachers and administration, the time to celebrate the arts finally arrived!  

               Walking through the school's halls, audience members found themselves immersed in the arts of painting, drawing, clay work, papier-mache, and other 3-D mediums.  Each wall, covered from floor to ceiling, represented the artists' different experience levels and ages.  Tables chock full of displays and a ceiling that dangled with projects added to the museum-like ambiance.  

               Outside, under the large carport, talented dancers performed, theatre students belted out tunes, and the band students showed off their newly acquired instrumental skills.  An appreciative crowd of spectators clapped enthusiastically for these presentations that they waited so long to experience!              

               "Renaissance Charter St. Lucie has the largest arts department in St. Lucie County," said Marketing Director Jill Todd. "Our students missed being able to show off their talents last year and most of the year.  We were so excited to come up with a creative way and the ability to safely showcase these students and their hard work.  We are so proud of them!" 

               Educating the whole child is crucial to the mission of Renaissance Charter School. The arts play a vital role in the mission's success- To provide learning experiences that inspire and empower students to be great by choice.                  

               Renaissance Charter School of St. Lucie is tuition-free. 

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Photo 1 Jayden Bishop with his art work

Photo 2 Xiomora Brasden and Quenecia Dean
Photo 3 Nykko Slaughter
Photo 4  Gracie Scannapieco shows her 7th grade artwork
Photo 5 Middle School Band Director Christopher Ketcham
Photo 6 School hallways full of art work
Photo 7 MS Art Teacher Thanya Guevara
Photo 8 Jaime Segui, Elementary Art Teacher
Photo 9 Harmonie & William Wampler
Photo 10 World Cultures Teacher Winnie Nabukenya


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