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Candace Callahan Will Head Stuart Main Street

Candace Callahan Will Head Stuart Main Street

By Jackie Holfelder

With her love and knowledge of Martin County and deep reservoir of non-profit experience, Candace Callahan is the perfect choice to serve as new Executive Director of Stuart Main Street.

“Our basic mission is to create and promote a positive experience for residents, business owners and visitors to downtown Stuart”, Callahan says.

“My main goal is to redefine how Stuart Main Street can accomplish that and then get the information out into the community.”

Most recently, Callahan had served as Corporate Gifts Officer of Humane Society of the Treasure Coast.

Concurrent with that, she was Executive Director of Young Professionals of Martin County (YPMC), a job she will hold until January, 2021.

“YPMC was the perfect training ground for my new job at Stuart Main Street’, says Callahan. “I took over an organization that needed help restructuring and needed someone who could make decisions about how to help it develop and grow.

“That’s exactly what I’ll be doing here.”

Nik Schroth, president of the Stuart Main Street Board of Directors, says “We’re excited to see Candace take the reins of Stuart Main Street. She brings all of the skills and traits we were looking for in an Executive Director: local knowledge, an understanding of the mission and the drive to accomplish the type of projects Stuart Main Street has been known to accomplish.”

Callahan has lived in the Stuart area since she was six years-old and although she’s temporarily moved away for brief periods of time, she’s always happy to find herself back home.

She attended FAU and IRSC.

Since she’ll basically be juggling two full-time jobs until January, her spare time is at a minimum, but when she can, Callahan loves to cook, support local businesses and grab any opportunity she can to be near the water.

Candace Callahan says she’s excited to part of an organization like Stuart Main Street and take it to the next level of excellence.

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Photo provided by Candace Callahan

Candace Callahan, new Executive Director of Stuart Main Street




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