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Treasure Coast Hospice, A Celebration of Love

Article and Photos by MaryAnn Ketcham

On November 2, 2020, Max & Gloria Schoenbrot reached a milestone that few others realize - they celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary!

Because family members were hesitant to travel or visit due to COVID-19, their friends at Treasure Coast Hospice, prompted by long-time employee CNA Bobby Dennis, created a plan to observe the couple's dedication to one another.

In early December, at the Watercrest Senior Living Facility in St. Lucie West where the sweethearts share a cozy apartment, Max & Gloria ventured down to the spacious social room where several Treasure Coast Hospice staff members greeted them.

A beautifully crafted wedding cake, balloons, and other decorative items also awaited the couple.

Before slicing into and sharing the cake, Gloria shared a few slices of her life with Max.  Jokingly she said, "The secret to our long and happy marriage is, shhh, it's a secret!"

"It's just love," she added.

For his part, Max said, "I'm looking forward to beginning our next 72 years together - we don't give up so easily!" 

"Max escaped Nazi Germany," said Gloria, "and fled, first to England, then to Stockholm and, finally, ended up back in England.  There, he met my Aunt, who encouraged him to come to the United States.  We met after he arrived in New York Harbor."

Originally planning only a brief visit, Max decided to stay after meeting Gloria. The two married on November 2, 1948, raised three boys, and now have five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. 

Before retiring to Florida, Max worked for the Queens Jewish Community Council (QJCC)  as a political advisor working with Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and George H.W. Bush. 

As Gloria cut into the decorative layers of the two-tiered cake, she graciously expressed her thanks to the dedicated staff of Treasure Coast Hospice for their thoughtful considerations and attentiveness.

And, just as they first did 72 years ago, the trueloves fed each other a slice of cake while looking forward to many more!

“The Schoenbrots are the essence of all that love should be,” said CEO Jackie Kendrick. “Today’s celebration is a heartwarming example of how our hospice team looks for ways to honor and celebrate our patients. It’s a privilege to support our patients and their families in such thoughtful ways so that they can enjoy special moments together.”

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