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MC Taxpayer’s Association 70th Birthday Dinner

By Jackie Holfelder

The Martin County Taxpayers Association (MCTA), a watchdog organization, was founded in 1950 and is the oldest tax payers association in the state.

Its basic purpose is to review, monitor and report on tax and other financial issues and activities involve meeting with local appointed and elected officials including the Board of County Commissioners, the School Board, the County Administrator and/or the staff, the Superintendent of Schools and other key individuals in the County and disseminating information garnered at those meetings to the public.

On January 29, members and guests had a festive celebration of the non-profit’s 70th anniversary at its annual dinner, held at the Kane Center.

The mood was jubilant and celebratory - a veritable who’s who of Martin County residents from every walk of life was on hand.

Following a sumptuous meal, attendees heard Martin County Sheriff William Snyder discuss our personal responsibility to clean up our own houses before we condemn others.

Currently, MCTA is managed by Darlene Van Riper, Executive Director and Kevin Powers, President; Tom Campenni, Vice President; William Schmidt, Treasurer and Deborah Keidel, Secretary. Board members include Ricou Hartman, Jenny Yingling and Jim Bush.

MCTA welcomes volunteers who can serve as writers, researchers and monitors of government meetings.

To learn more about the Martin County Taxpayers Association, call Darlene at 772-285-7447 or visit      


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