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Those last 20 Pounds!!!

Those last 20 Pounds!!!

I don’t know about you but I never had to struggle with weight until I reached the age of 51. Up until then, you could put me on the beach in the latest bikini and I could hold my own with the rest of them. Recently, however, I’ve found myself more than once at the library in the “self help” isle. Let’s see… am I a comfort eater? A food addict? An emotional eater? Do I have hormone problems? A sluggish metabolism? Do I eat out of boredom? Is it lack of serotonin? Too much serotonin? Am I over exercising? Under exercising? Not enough endorphins running through my system?

I’ll tell you what I am – I’M EXAUSTED. I’ve been to the nutrition aisle, the exercise aisle, the psychology aisle, and now I am in the addiction aisle. I don’t drink or smoke. I don’t use drugs, but here I am in the addiction aisle, and the people are looking at me very funny.

Not let’s just think for a moment…. What do I eat in a normal day? No breakfast, I hate breakfast. Lunch is a one-pound bag of almond M&M’s. (Remember, almonds are good for you). An dinner is whatever my husband prepares. He loves to cook and believe me, you had better eat it or he is going to pout like a teenager without a cellphone. So where am I going wrong?

I’m just going to grab another bag of M&M’s and try to figure this one out?


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