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Information and resources on health, beauty, and other relevant topics for women on the Treasure Coast.

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Women and Heart Disease

Why are women at an increased risk for heart disease?  

There may be a link between the decline in estrogen levels and the increased risk for heart disease.  According the the American Heart Association, Estrogen's effect on the inner layer of the artery wall keeps blood vessels flexible.  When the estrogen is decreased in a woman's body, the elasticity is also decreased.  The vessels are less able to expand and relax to let the blood flow normally, creating blockages that can cause a heart attack or stroke.

Unhealthy lifestyle habits may also be a cause for heart disease in women. Poor diet, smoking, or lack of exercise in early years may catch up to women around the age of menopause, increasing their risk for the disease.  

Other changes to the body, during the menopause process, may also play a role in the increased risk of heart disease. Blood pressure may go up, LDL cholesterol tends to increase and Triglycerides also increase. All of these factors combined create a huge risk for women, especially if they have not taken care of their bodies properly in their younger years.

Reducing the risk for heart disease includes changing lifestyle to include more physical activity, reduced fatty food intake, and increased soluble fiber, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Women should see their physicians regularly and perform yearly blood tests to measure their risks for heart disease.