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VSOA & BGCMC Partner in Art Classes By Jackie Holfelder

In the fall of 2018, an artistic relationship began between Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin County (BGCMC) and Visionary School of Arts (VSOA). when the Clubs asked Lynne Barletta, Founder and Executive Director of VSOA, to create Power of Art, which encompasses three nine-week courses a year for grades 2-5 that encompass drawing, painting and leadership for youth.

Initially, VSOA sent in two teachers each to the Port Salerno, Indiantown and Hobe Sound Clubs to teach each 9-week class. From day one, Century 21 has funded the grant that finances the project.

BGCMC then requested on-demand videos for every student member, which, coincidentally, became available to Club members the week of April 8 – right in the midst of the need for at-home activities for kids dealing with social distancing and self-isolation.

Says Barletta, “The videos are made for various age levels and we will be able to offer on-demand classes that are exciting, engaging. They do not require more than paper, pencil, and an iPhone. Three videos a week for ages 5-8, ages 9-11, and Middle/High School will be available to Boys & Girls Clubs. 

“Most parents would love their children to be engaged at home with something this positive while learning fine art skills”, she adds.

Simultaneously and without missing a beat, Visionary School of Arts (VSOA) – a nonprofit located in Stuart - went entirely online March 23 and has been providing its own students ages 6-18 with course classes that are small, interactive and filled with the camaraderie that the young students usually enjoy when attending VSOA’s Indian Street facility

VSOA staff worked tirelessly, preparing kits that contained ramekins of paint, watercolors, individual brushes, canvas, paper and drawing tools for each student to be picked up curbside by parents.

“Many people have said we will never be the same after we get to the other side of the Corona Virus. We must set the example of leadership in difficult times for the next generation and show them that even out of tragedy, good can come in a way that will expand and change us forever.” says Barletta.

For information about Visionary School of Arts, visit 

Photo provided

Lynne Barletta, Founder and Executive Director of Visionary School of Arts, adds the finishing touches to The Power of Art class "Potential Puppy" for Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin County ages 5-8.


 VSOA & BGCMC Partner in Art Classes


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