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Navy SEAL Museum Donates Working Dog to Special Operations Forces Veteran

Navy SEAL Museum Donates Working Dog to Special Operations Forces Veteran

The Navy SEAL Museum is pleased to announce the donation of another working dog to a former operator in the Special Operations Forces community. Through the Museum’s K9 Project, with the partnership of Baden K-9, canine “Silver” was presented at the Museum’s 34th Annual Muster and Music Festival.

“Working with our veterans remains a primary focus and is central to the mission of the Museum,” said Rick Kaiser, Navy SEAL Museum Executive Director. “Multipurpose canines are an integral part of the SEAL Teams and so have they become in the homes of those who have served. We are happy to provide this important resource and source of companionship for these men and their families.”

Silver is an 11-month-old Belgian Malinois. As with most other Baden K-9 dogs, Silver began his training at just six weeks old. The Malinois was originally bred for herding. Regarded for their exceptional intelligence and agility, the Belgian Malinois is also a highly social dog because of the initial need for interaction between the canine and shepherd working together the field. More than the hound or the hunting breeds, the Malinois is meant to work in conjunction with man.

“There are those places within the human soul that man’s words or woman’s love at times cannot reach,” said Josh Perry, Owner of Baden K-9. “It is such places that the silent loyal presence of the dog is able to touch and to calm. This is the mission and the desire of Baden K-9 and those at the Navy SEAL Museum: with the aid of the dog, say ‘Well done’ and ‘Welcome home’ as they present service dogs through their program to the veterans and their families.”

“I don’t know how to express my thanks to be presented with an incredible canine from Master Chief Kaiser, a man I greatly admire, and the Director of the Navy SEAL Museum,” shared the canine recipient. “Silver was raised and trained by Baden and supported by the Swim With a Mission event at this past July. We look forward to having Silver join our family and integrating him into our home. My wife and children are as excited as I am. We look forward to the bond we will create with him and together through him. Thank you.”

About Baden K-9

Baden has been in business for over 40 years. Baden is totally committed to providing the finest and most capable working service dogs in the world. Whether you are purchasing a dog for home and personal protection, or for use in hostile areas, each client is treated with the same degree of professionalism. Baden's dogs have been used with great success as service dogs to soldiers and law officers, guides for the blind and disabled, protectors for victims of violent crimes, guardians of the family/home/business/and companions and playmates for children. Our breeding program for all of our dogs at Baden is for temperament and character and to continue building a solid breeding base.

About the K9 Project

Partnering with Baden K-9 in Ontario, Canada, with the generous support of dedicated donors, the Navy SEAL Museum has donated multiple working dogs to deserving veterans of the Special Operations community. This unique program creates an effective platform to help veterans assimilate back into civilian life by facilitating a special relationship between man and dog. The bond between elite operator and elite canine provides the structure and fellowship many veterans find lacking upon their transition to the civilian world, something they often feel is missing after leaving years of training and combat behind.

About The Navy SEAL Museum

The National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum is the only museum dedicated solely to preserving the history of the U.S. Navy SEALs and their predecessors. Located in Fort Pierce, Florida, the Museum resides on the training grounds of the original Navy combat swimmers, the Frogmen. Built to honor the men who served with fortitude and ingenuity, the Navy UDT-SEAL Museum first opened its doors on Veterans Day in 1985. From humble beginnings, the facility has experienced tremendous growth, achieving national stature in 2007. The main objective of the Museum remains the promotion of public education by providing the opportunity to explore the history of the Navy SEALs through interactive exhibits, while honoring the fallen at the SEAL Memorial and caring for those warriors’ families through Trident House Charities

The Navy SEAL Museum                                             

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