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A Whole Lot Is Happening At Save The Chimps

A Whole Lot Is Happening At Save The Chimps

Cayenne's Big Island Adventure: Let's Cheer Her On!

Sometimes it just takes a little time and a few encouraging friends along the way. Care staff rejoiced recently to see resident chimpanzee Cayenne venture far out onto her three-acre island. The reason the care staff was jumping for joy at the sight was because since 37-year old Cayenne was rescued from biomedical research and brought to Save the Chimps, it was her first big adventure outside far onto the island. Having spent her first 20 years in a suspended 5’x5’x7’ steel cage, Cayenne never experienced the outdoors before coming to Save the Chimps. As a result, she has always been hesitant to venture far from the island habitat house where the chimps are given enrichment activities and food. “Sometimes she would make it onto the grass that is adjacent to the building, but she always would return to the outdoor patio,” explains Chimp Behavior & Welfare Manager Amanda Bania. “We meet our chimps where they are at –some suffer residual post traumatic stress from the years of biomedical procedures – imagine not having ever seen grass, nevermind feeling it on your toes!” added Bania. “Our care program allows the chimps the freedom to recover at their own pace, with Cayenne, it took her a little longer to enjoy being out on the island. We are so proud of how far she has come!” A big pant-hoot of thanks to YOU -- our wonderful supporters year in and year out who have given these chimps a chance to recover and regain their freedom on their own terms (Dr. Noon was famous for saying all they need from us is a chance!). And big thanks to our patient and thoughtful care staff and to Cayenne’s close friends, Tarzan, Indie and Terry, who encouraged Cayenne in her gradual recovery journey!  Click here to send a note of thanks to Cayenne's Care Staff & her encouraging group of friends! (We share your notes and post them!)

Results from our Summer Online Auction!  

Thank you to everyone (including our very talented Chimp Artists!) who participated, cheered us on, bid and donated items recently– our Summer Online Auction was a huge success! 10 Days. 100 Items. 981 bids from 195 unique bidders. $29,083.51 raised! The money raised will go directly to the everyday care of our resident chimps. On behalf of a grateful staff, an energized Board of Directors, and a few hundred very- pleased chimps – we extend a few heartfelt pant-hoots of thanks your way.  We hold our Online Auction twice a year, once in the summer and once in the winter. You can participate in our Winter Online Auction (happening November 13th -22nd) by donating (chimp related) items by October 15th contact Mika at

Celebrate World Chimpanzee Day July 14th!  

World Chimpanzee Day is July 14th. We are celebrating in several ways! We are having a party for our staff and volunteers on July 11th to thank them for what they do day in and day out for our residents. (Even in the Florida July heat!) Secondly, we are thanking our wonderful supporters -- YOU! (Insert your preferred flavor of thank you here: hug/handshake/pant-hoot or just enjoy this picture of Kayla and Pam hugging). And finally, we are launching a Board Match Challenge -- our wonderfully generous board has come up with a $175,000 matching grant challenge -- so if you donate from July 14th-August 14th, your gift could be tripled in value! To participate visit our website at Save the Chimps World Chimpanzee Day

On behalf of the resident chimps at Save the Chimps, THANK YOU! 

Coming next Monday: Tootie Meets Lisa Marie and Falls Head Over Heels (Do you blame him?), Chimpendence & World Chimpanzee Party Pics, All About Socks, and Cottonwood Foundation Gives to Enrichment! 



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