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Christian’s Tree of Life

Christian’s Tree of Life

If you’ve ever visited St. Lucie County Tax Collector Chris Craft’s Fort Pierce office, chances are you’ve noticed the bright, colorful tree on the wall of the lobby. It’s as vibrant as Christian Medina, the Lincoln Park Academy baseball player who inspired the “Tree of Life” display. Christian died due to injuries suffered in a car accident on his way to school in 2013. As a registered organ donor, he left a priceless gift by saving three lives through his donation. To honor his memory and encourage more people to be heroes like Christian, Craft invited Donate Life Florida to create a wall display in his office five years ago this month. Since then, 50% of St. Lucie County drivers have become registered organ donors, making the county’s driver license organ donor designation rate one of the highest in the state.

“There are about 114,000 people on the national transplant waiting list,” explains Craft. “For context, that’s one and a half times more people than were in Mercedes Benz Stadium watching the Superbowl earlier this month. This is an immensely important cause, and I’m both happy and humbled to be able to help raise awareness about giving the gift of life.”

For more information on Christian’s Tree of Life and the St. Lucie County tax collector’s office, visit or contact Carin Smith, Communications Director, at


About the St. Lucie County Tax Collector, Chris Craft

The St. Lucie County Tax Collector, Chris Craft, has three offices located in Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie, Fla., open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. The office handles property taxes, tax certificates, tourist development, motor vehicle registration, driver licenses, motorized vessel registration, mobile home registration, disabled parking, hunting and fishing licenses and local business taxes. For more information on the St. Lucie County Tax Collector, please visit, call 772-462-1650, or email “Like” the St. Lucie County Tax Collector on Facebook at and follow on Twitter @SLCTaxCollector.

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Christian’s tree of life: The display in Fort Pierce is decorated with names of people who have become registered organ donors over the past five years.

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