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Participate in 2021 National Community Survey

 National Community Surve

To better serve residents and to learn more about the needs and desires of our citizens, the City of Port St. Lucie has partnered for the fourth year in a row with the National Research Center (NRC) and Polco to conduct the National Community Survey™ in the City.

The NRC has begun to mail these important surveys to a statistically valid sample of residents. If you receive one in the mail, City leaders request you please take the time to fill it out and return the survey. The information gathered from this survey and the annual Citizen Summit are an important part of the City Council’s strategic planning process. These tools give the City critical insights into the desires of residents while the City Council updates the City’s strategic goals this year.

For those who do not receive a mail-in survey, the NRC will make an online option available to all residents at beginning February 1 through February 15.

The survey centers on community livability and includes questions about the quality of life in Port St. Lucie, demographics, rating of local government services, and residents’ use of services. The NRC’s and Polco’s highly skilled team of social science researchers, with extensive experience and insight into local government, will provide the City with comparative data from other local governments across the country. Data from the survey will assist the Mayor, City Council and staff to make operational, strategic, and policy decisions.

Feedback gathered from the past two years’ Citizen Surveys has directly led to important community goals, initiatives and changes, including:

  • Projects funded by the voter-approved Half Cent Sales Tax were prioritized by the City Council based on input from the survey and Citizen Summit.
  • Key findings from the 2019 and 2020 surveys showed mobility continues to be a challenge for the City. This prompted the City Council to include a new strategic goal to improve mobility and a team developed and is not implementing a new multimodal plan for potential future transit and mobility improvements.
  • The city created a music concert series with national acts after the survey revealed there was demand in the community for these types of events.
  • The prioritization of upcoming Parks projects, such as the planned Adventure Park, was informed by the survey. 

Operating a high-performing government organization is a key strategic goal of the Mayor and City Council, and this survey is an important way the City is working toward that goal. The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) has identified conducting surveys for data-driven decisions as a leading practice for local governments to pursue in evaluating their performance, enhancing their communications with the community and helping with decision making.

The City of Port St. Lucie’s work to engage the community in decision making earned for the second year in a row, the nationwide Voice of the People Award; this year for Transformative Citizen Engagement. These are the only awards given in local government based on the opinion of community residents and selected recipients display commitment to best practices in moving their communities forward.


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