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Philanthropist Makes Quarter Million Dollar Donation

Philanthropist Makes Quarter Million Dollar Donation

When Hurricane Dorian battered the Bahamas, local dermatologist and noted philanthropist, Dr. Shamsher Singh watched the news of the devastation with a heavy heart. His sadness grew when speaking with the custodian who cares for his office complex, a native of the Bahamas whose family had lost everything and who was still awaiting word on missing friends and relatives. A man of few words and abundant emotion, Dr. Singh understood and decided at that moment that he would help.

He knew that there would be many needs in the coming months, and he was concerned for the families who had been displaced and would have to start all over. He also knew that the story and devastation would begin to fade from the minds of those not immediately affected, but the need would be just as great. Instead of rushing to make a donation to the first website or number that popped up in the news broadcast, he contacted Stacy Malinowski of Mustard Seed Ministries and coordinated with her to make a donation of a $250,000 that would go entirely to help with the efforts to rebuild the lives of the people of the Bahamas without any administrative fees or surcharges. Dr. Singh also insisted that a portion of that quarter of a million dollars be earmarked for use explicitly to assist displaced Bahamian families in St. Lucie County to help them begin life again.

Last week, flanked by Fort Pierce Mayor Linda Hudson, Dr. Singh presented his donation to Malinowski and Mustard Seed’s Executive Director, Greg Smith, who will handle the distribution of the quarter million dollar donation to trusted Bahamas relief organizations and will coordinate the portion of the funds earmarked specifically for use here in St. Lucie County. “We all need to help out,” said Singh, “we all do what we can to be good neighbors.”

Mustard Seed Executive Director Greg Smith and Program Coordinator Stacy Malinowski, Fort Pierce Mayor Linda Hudson, and philanthropist Dr. Shamsher Singh



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