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Your Golden Glow

Your Golden Glow

I remarked today about a woman's tan. She had a lovely golden glow and a serene energy about her. She was pretty blunt when I mentioned it. "I have a pool". Well, I have a pool too. I also have worry lines, wrinkles in my clothes and no tan to speak of. It occurred to me that I might actually be stressed out! What a shame that I have the luxury of living in such a place that others consider paradise and I am so caught up in my chaotic day to day tribulations that I am not even enjoying what is right outside my door. I am writing this blog to be featured in All Thing's Treasure doubt there is something for everyone to find to do. The problem isn't the location or lack of opportunity. The problem is simply the mindset. We are all busy and we all have our special "issues" but we all deserve a break too. I think it is time I make my "me time" and exploring right outside my door a priority right up their with the quarterly reports and laundry too. At least while the sun is shining and their is still some summer left. Who wants to join me?

Mindi Fetterman is the founder & Executive Director of The Inner Truth  Project, giving a voice to survivors of sexual violence.



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