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The Modern Machine

The Modern Machine

Now that the holiday meals are long gone, many of us may feel like we need to avoid the mirror.  This is the time to typically look up new diets and powerful workouts in keeping with New Year's resolutions.  But this year, I suggest starting off with a different perspective.  Let's look at our body.  We should be careful about the way we see it.  What is our body, really? It is the home for the soul.  It is the vessel that allows us to truly enjoy and be part of our physical world.  The body - our body - is to be thanked, appreciated, and taken care of.  However, whatever perceived imperfections we may see should not be negative, mistakenly downgraded.  Beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder so let's behold the magic powerhouse of our inner selves and not compare ourselves with the pictures in magazines or latest trends.

  So, this my take on my body...My body is beautiful because it allowed me to carry and labor for my 3 precious treasures. It allows me to see the rustling leaves on my frangipani tree and its delicate white blooms.  It allows me to feel the gentle, warm breeze that moves those leaves. It allows me to put my arms around my beloved - my soul mate,  my children, and my good friends. My body allows me to take long walks around my lush neighborhood, strengthen and stretch in yoga as well as salsa and cha cha in Zumba. My body allows me to laugh -- often and loudly! It allows me to experience new flavors of deliciousness and taste the familiar ones that bring me pleasure while it nourishes its inner workings.  My body allows me to hear the sweet Sandhill cranes as they visit in my yard, the rhythmic waves crashing against the warm sand (that I love to feel with my toes!), the booming of thunder or beautifully harmonizing singers. Yes, my body allows me to live a full and rich life! 

How could I possibly show my appreciation? I can begin by showing my body respect - by living my life fully, without fear or criticism; living with my eyes and ears and arms wide open.  I can accept ALL parts of my body as miraculous - honoring it by enjoying every experience; seeing beauty and awe in all I do.  And, also, by being still every day to regenerate through silence, meditation, and prayer, by knowing when to rest.  And loving my body - loving me every day!

Cecilia Lewis happily lives in Palm City with her husband Britt, when he's not working in VA. They have 3 creative and inspiring children - Britt, Nick, and Veronica who live in NY, FL, and CO respectively. Drawing from experiences in international relations, teaching, her Peruvian culture, her family, and life, this aspiring writer hopes to share her thoughts and personal observations with readers interested in living with abundance.


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