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Thank You

Thank You

Thank you. I was recently reminded to start my day - as soon as I wake up and even before I open my eyes - by just being thankful.  This is nothing new, right? I mean, don't get me wrong, this is nothing I haven't heard before. After all, we have a holiday surrounded around the idea of being thankful. And, this is how I was brought up.  My mom, my hero, was always gently reminding me of this.  At a red light, when everyone around me seemed to be oblivious to the fact that I was in a hurry, my mom would say, "There's a reason why you're stopped here.  Look at your surroundings and appreciate it."  Or, "Maybe this is preventing you from being in an accident."  Then, there would be those disappointing times like when I received the umpteenth thankyou-but-no-thank-you letter from jobs that appeared to be exactly what I wanted only to hear her say, "There's something better waiting for you, so just be thankful."  Sure, there have been moments when I felt that everything seemed to vacations, my kids arms around me, Sunday dinners with family and friends but did I find these moments every day?

Not until last 1year when I made the move to Florida from MD. Then, things just took a different turn. That was when my hero, my pillar and true friend, my mom became an angel. That sounds so much better to me than saying she passed.  So even now, she's reminding me to be thankful. I feel her around me and my senses are much more in tune to the beauty in every moment.  Now, for the first time since being a homeowner for over 25 years, I feel like I'm finally home.  I have a vision of angels surrounding my "Island Home".  I've discovered amazing plants, colors, and shapes that I hadn't known or never noticed before.  I'm outside a lot. A LOT. And I can't seem to get enough.  My blood pressure is normal for the first time in 20 years.  And I LOVE stopping at red lights.  It gives me the opportunity to look around and just observe and I AM THANKFUL. So, now when I wake up and open my eyes, I smile, and the first thought is always thank you.


Cecilia Lewis happily lives in Palm City with her husband Britt, when he's not working in VA. They have 3 creative and inspiring children - Britt, Nick, and Veronica who live in NY, FL, and CO respectively. Drawing from experiences in international relations, teaching, her Peruvian culture, her family, and life, this aspiring writer hopes to share her thoughts and personal observations with readers interested in living with abundance.


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