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I'm not even going to ask if anyone has ever felt those moments of sheer bliss. Because I know we all have. Those moments when the stars aligned. Those moments when you breathe in, breathe out and just smile. Those moments. Maybe for you it's hot coffee on a Sunday morning while looking at your favorite place when your mind is calm and at that moment, it's all good. The mountains, caverns, cityscapes, wooded havens, or if you're like me, it's the water. The beach. Think about your place and your moment. Just for a few seconds, close your eyes and go back to those moments - that moment. Are you smiling? Yes? Ok, you're there. When was that? How often do you experience that feeling? When I think back prior to my move to Florida, those moments were few. My daily moments were filled with to-do lists that I had to check off after I completed the unfinished tasks from yesterday or maybe even before that. And I had to put out those little (and sometimes big) fires that kept popping out of nowhere. Come on! Give me a break! I would yell at the universe. Really? How often have you done that? Be honest -- it wasn't just me, was it? I don't think so. Oh sure, I laughed often, I had good friends, and caring family. I went out, I wasn't depressed. I didn't live complaining... well, at least, not all the time. Well...i hope not, anyway. I think some people I know would say that I lived a happy life. That I was a happy person. On the outside. But inside. Hmmm... I had that list swerving. I wanted more for my family, for me. As a teacher, I wasn't satisfied with the lack of time I had. I wanted my students to understand more than what was written in a book, more than just an assignment - get deeper, think more, want more. As a mother, I wanted my kids to work harder, strive to get better, to succeed. As a wife, I wanted to be that ALL for my husband. I wanted my family to depend on me. I wanted everyone who knew me to be proud of me, to know that I could help, solve, do, get, and be what each and everyone wanted of me. All that swerving in my mind, all the time. That's why when I went on vacation, that one little week at the beach, I was in heaven. I somehow left my swerving brain at home while I just smiled. I smiled at the beauty of it all -- the colors of the ocean and trees, the smell of the beach and its gorgeous shells, the feel of the warm sand. My senses were on alert and I soaked it all in -- no pun intended! That week FLEW by... I mean, it was like whoosh! It was over. Until next year. My inside hurt. I couldn't believe I would have to wait a whole YEAR to feel those sensations again. 3 6 5   d a y s.... can you feel my pain?? Have you felt a similar loss of freedom?? That familiar pang?? Are you still living for your vacation? Do you still plan for that 1 or 2 weeks or whatever period of time to feel that ultimate, wonderful feeling of sheer bliss? If so, I have something I would like to share with you. DREAM. Right now. DREAM and BELIEVE and SEE what you want right now. That's it. What? you say. That's it?? And I say YES! Listen, it's all about our thoughts. If you have read any of my previous blogs, you will know that I had a sort of  reawakening, if you will. The convergence of peek emotions all at once... my mom, whom I was very close to, became an angel; I moved from MD, where I had lived my entire life (minus my first 2 years when I lived in Peru, my birthplace and first love), my daughter, my little girl had just moved to China for a gap year adventure prior to beginning the university, and my husband had started a new job... back in VA! Can you feel the energy swirling? Well, as they say, no coincidences. Everything was as it should be to bring me to this reawakening I'm talking about. I read about the Law of Attraction, and one thing lead to another. I started meeting people that had similar reawakenings...I started noticing stories, signs, and books that pointed me in the direction of something new. No, not new, different. No, not different, real. Everything made sense. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.  And here I am. And here's what I want to share with you. It's not seeing to believe. Don't wait. It's believing in order to see. DREAM. BELIEVE. SEE IT. Stop talking about what is, and talk about what you want to see. Don't complain of what you don't have, or the lack. Just talk about the goodness that you do have. Every day. Every moment. Smile. Be happy inside first. Forget the news. Forget the politics. Forget that mean person or unfair gesture. Stop. Breathe. Look around you for something positive. There are many. You are alive. You are reading this. The better it gets, the better it gets! If you want things to change, don't look at what is. That idea will cement you into your so-called reality like an immovable concrete pillar. Think of what you want. DREAM. BELIEVE. SEE IT. And, you will have it. It is possible with your thoughts. It is possible.

Cecilia Lewis happily lives in Palm City with her husband Britt, when he's not working in VA. They have 3 creative and inspiring children - Britt, Nick, and Veronica who live in NY, FL, and CO respectively. Drawing from experiences in international relations, teaching, her Peruvian culture, her family, and life, this aspiring writer hopes to share her thoughts and personal observations with readers interested in living with abundance.


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