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Not A Small Island Medium

Not A Small Island Medium

Do you dream? Or rather, do you remember your dreams? Carl Jung believes that "dreams are the guiding light of the soul."  So, interesting things have been happening to me related to dreams... but first, a little background. I loved my college psychology classes. I mean, I really loved them! They were super interesting. So much of it made sense to me. I loved learning about why we do things, what motivates us, and how we are influenced by our physical and spiritual world. And, it didn't hurt that I was in love with my professor, either.  Most of the girls in my class felt the same way. I find that akin to patients falling for their therapists, but I digress...

In Psychology 101, which was fascinating, I learned that dreams are messages or expressions trying to give us a message without interference from our conscious mind.  I would try real hard to remember my dreams when I woke up but nothing. Oh sure, over the years, I have had that one dream that you might have had - the one of falling where I would end up kicking my poor husband as I was attempting to break my fall. Or what about when I was awakened by my husband shaking my shoulders so furiously and I would wake up with WHAT? Only to find that I was yelling in my sleep and scared him half to death! But aside from those very physical dreams that occurred once in a while, I hadn't really had major dreams giving me true, life-directing messages - except for one time. My dad became an angel when I was 13 years old and I often struggled to keep him alive in my mind because his memory seemed to fade more and more with time. But there was that one very vivid dream that I had when I was in college that I still remember with extreme clarity. In my dream, my father had just died and I was asked to go into his room to say goodbye. I walked in and he was lying on the bed looking as white as a sheet. The doctor, the nurse, and some other people that were in the room - all left. The moment I was alone with my dad the color came back to his face, he opened his eyes, he sat up in bed, and he told me "I'm not dead. I am right here with you. Whenever you talk to me, I will listen." The door opened and I turned away for a second but when I looked again at my dad, he was once again as white as a sheet. I remember thinking I wanted everyone to leave but I got the message. I often think of that dream and it gives me peace. It gives me a knowing that my dad is near me. And there have been significant events that have happened in my life when I have closed my eyes and thought about that dream and I have felt his presence. As I have written before, Florida seems to hold a certain mysticism for me since I moved here about two years ago. I wanted to move to Florida since I was a kid. And, when I was finally able to make the move almost 40 years later, I was beyond ecstatic! I was excited to live the Jimmy Buffett lifestyle! I wanted to live near the beach, with beautiful landscaping around me. I wanted to spend most of my days outside in flip-flops and soak up the sun and the warmth. I wanted to experience the simple and natural pleasures all around me. So after looking at (what seemed like) 40+ houses and I found THE one, my Island Home with which I felt an instant connection, I saw a circle of angels all around it! I still don't know whether it was a dream or an image but it was very clear. Someday, when I learn to paint, I'm going to replicate that image! It was so real to me that I felt a tremendous peace. Again. Now, I often remember my dreams. And I wake up smiling! Now, there are meanings in my subconscious stories that I immediately sense as I consciously remember the images and messages from the night before. Not only dreams...but also birds that perch themselves right outside my kitchen window and (I swear!) look right at me! Or bunnies that stand in my path and don't move even though I am only a few steps away from them. Or those graceful Sandhill Cranes that visit my backyard often and seem to perform a dance only for me. Or all the different colors of flowers and all the different types of palm trees in my yard that I had never noticed before when visiting Florida. Or the colors of the sky at daybreak and at sunset. I don't pretend to be a medium or a psychic but simply someone who is much more attuned with my inner self which makes me much more aware of my surroundings.  And, I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude for that! If I can garner any kind of wisdom here to pass along, it is DON'T WAIT!  Look at the beauty that surrounds you now. Find the moments of happiness now. Slow down and look in. Try yoga. Meditate. Turn away from negative news and welcome all the good that surrounds us in this abundant world in which we live. And keep a journal handy so you can write down the messages meant for you while you dream!



Cecilia Lewis happily lives in Palm City with her husband Britt, when he's not working in VA. They have 3 creative and inspiring children - Britt, Nick, and Veronica who live in NY, FL, and CO respectively. Drawing from experiences in international relations, teaching, her Peruvian culture, her family, and life, this aspiring writer hopes to share her thoughts and personal observations with readers interested in living with abundance.



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