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A Timely Lesson

A Timely Lesson

Time. I want more of it!  How often have we thought about that one!  If only I had more time, I would _________ (fill in the blank.)   But do we really need more time than we have?  To answer this question, I need to go back to my amazing teachers - my kids as toddlers.  Please, humor me.  Britt, my oldest, had a keen sense of concentration right from the start.  At 11 months, he could sit on my lap forever while I read book after book to him,  helping me turn the pages, and looking at all the pictures, never becoming bored or tired of doing such a passive activity. Nicky, my second, would not have the same concentration for reading or sitting for very long. He seemed to jump from activity to activity like a pinball except when he watched The Lion King. That was his favorite. And even though I would attempt many other videos, that was the one he wanted to watch over and over... and over. And at 3, he could recite the lines and sing all the songs as if he were Simba himself! And Veronica, my baby girl, loved to draw. She would fill page after page of notebooks with her beautiful 4-year-old creations. Now, did any of my kids think about the time they were spending doing these activities? Were they lamenting not having enough time to do other things instead? Were they bemoaning the fact that they wasted the time they had? Absolutely not! They were having fun! They did what they wanted to do with eagerness and joy.  For them, time stood still.  They had forever!  So, what were my kids telling me? That I should spend my time doing what I am doing with eagerness and joy.  That I should live in the moment, and not think about the next activity.  That I live each moment like I have all the time in the world!  That's the trick to getting time to be on our side, my friends.  Just don't think about it! Of course, as we get older, we have schedules to keep and to-do lists that just get longer. So what I suggest in order to take control of one of our most precious commodities is to actually do the opposite of what you think. First, LET IT GO!  When doing a "trivial task", appreciate the work.  Be present in knowing that however small or insignificant, it is a precious moment confirming we are alive! Then, ENJOY! Have fun! Do that thing that makes you smile. Let everything else come after and choose to do what makes you feel happy. And finally, KISS - Keep It Simple Silly! ( I prefer the word silly to stupid!).  Stop thinking. Stop analyzing. Stop the "but-I-can't"!  And, allow yourself those moments of "toddler joy"!! You will find that you are living your life with time well spent.


Cecilia Lewis happily lives in Palm City with her husband Britt, when he's not working in VA. They have 3 creative and inspiring children - Britt, Nick, and Veronica who live in NY, FL, and CO respectively. Drawing from experiences in international relations, teaching, her Peruvian culture, her family, and life, this aspiring writer hopes to share her thoughts and personal observations with readers interested in living with abundance.




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