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Where's My Wine

Where's My Wine

Let's Talk Beer

As a wine enthusiast, married to a beer aficionado, I truly live in a house divided. I am not just talking Gators and Noles here. This is serious stuff. Go Noles! Over the past 16 years, I have been adamant about my affinity for wine, never crossing over to the other side, until now... What has changed? Craft Beer!

I’m not going to lie, I have dabbled in craft beer from time to time, always with a glass of Cabernet in the other hand, as a safety net. However, recently I had the pleasure of meeting with the Brew Masters at Sailfish Brewing Company, and they have set me straight. Not only did I get a delightful tour of their new facility in the heart of downtown Fort Pierce (stay tuned, they will be shipping out their fan favorites, Sunrise City IPA and White Marlin Wit to the entire state of Florida soon), but I received education beyond measure on the brewing process of beer and more importantly the passion of the craft

Yes, craft beer is a passion! Al Beltran, Head Brew Master at Sailfish Brewing Company, along with his brew crew and owner Nick Bischoff, started just like most brewers do – at home. All I can imagine is a scene from Breaking Bad: full on body suits, goggles, beakers, torches (ok… maybe not torches), but you get what I am saying, right? This is science. Besides learning that brewing beer is a precise process to obtain optimal quality, taste and consistency, I was told firsthand how every step in the process is the most important step. I learned that every step must be documented every step of the way, down to what the weather is outside when the brew happens.

Aside from the technique of brewing, the magic of craft beers happens when the flavors are added, and Sailfish has some magical flavors. My personal favorites are the sour beers. My favorite is made with elderberry and cucumber. Unfortunately, it's not always around but there is always somethin’ new a brewin’, and I guarantee you will find the right beer for you. Of course, Al says, “Every beer is the right beer, you just have to drink it at the right time.”  If the sours are not available, I am happy to grab a White Marlin Wit from the tap. These folks actually cut and squeeze fresh oranges into the beer during the brewing process. Not only that, they source locally and take it one more step by repurposing the used grain back to farmers. Impressive!

In early 2017, Sailfish Brewing Company will be pouring from a new taproom at the corner of 2nd Street and Avenue A. By new, I mean, they are renovating the heck out of an old downtown building and helping to bring new life into our small but mighty town. Their passion for the prosperity of Fort Pierce runs as pure as the water they use to brew their beer.

We look forward to continuing our beer blog: sharing the passion and history of beer and highlighting tips from our local brew masters. We will incorporate recipes along the way using your favorite flavors and of course keep you up to date with our Treasure Coast Brewers.



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