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Hop Life Brewing Company Nut House Coffee Porter

Southern Eagle Distributing Marketing Coordinator, Maryann Wolonowski, gives us monthly insight on craft beer and the newest brews to expand our palate and quench our taste buds!

Hop Life Brewing Company
Nut House Coffee Porter
Port St. Lucie, FL

 Hop LIfe

Style: Porter

I find it interesting how humans are such creatures of habit. So much so, I can guarantee most of us begin each morning with a similar routine. When I wake up, my first stop is to my kitchen to turn on the coffee machine. There are over 450 million cups of coffee consumed each day in America alone. Some may call it an obsession, but I call it love.

Hop Life Brewing Company came up with the genius idea of combining coffee with America’s other favorite beverage—beer! I stopped in to see Brewery Owner, Jim Kelly, so we could dig deeper into their Nut House Coffee Porter.

“We teamed up with Culinary Coffee in Stuart, Florida and created our own special blend of hazelnut, coconut and bourbon-pecan coffee. We didn’t stop there! We combined our new concoction with our Milk Porter, becoming the perfect blend for our Nut House Coffee Porter,” says Kelly.

The first thing I noticed before taking a sip was the unbelievable aroma that smelled just like my kitchen earlier that morning. I was hooked before even tasting it! The second it hit my lips, the tasting notes for this medium bodied beer left me with a subtle hint of chocolate, coconut and a roasted nutty flavor. It was absolutely to die for! Brewery Brand Activation Manager, Sheila Moncada, suggested to pair it with crème brulee or tiramisu. Talk about the ultimate treat!

You can find Hop Life’s Nut House Coffee Porter at your favorite watering hole or you can pick up a 6-pack at your local retail store.


Cheers to wonderful beers!


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