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One big misconception is that being added to a birth certificate automatically and irreversibly makes a man the father of their minor child/children. A father’s name on a birth certificate does not establish the child’s paternity if the couple is not married, but it can be used in a legal paternity action. The paternity of the child can be established through an agreement that is signed by both parents, or by a court order. Did you know, that if paternity is not established and your child’s mother marry’ s another man, that man may be your child’s legal father in Florida.


Filing a paternity action is how a man acknowledges paternity of his child if the parents are not married, it is the first step to protecting a father’s visitation and custodial rights. A paternity action can also be filed by a pregnant woman, an unmarried woman who has a child, a father who believes that he could have fathered a child with a certain woman, or by children who want to determine who their dad is if paternity has never been established.


Contacting an experienced attorney is your first step to establishing paternity and obtaining the rights that every parent deserves. CALL THE CUNZO LAW FIRM at (772) 409-4353 for more information.



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