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Feature your Stars & Stripes in a different way

Feature your Stars & Stripes in a different way

Since leaving the comfort of a job in the newspaper industry I had for 16-years (10-years being an editor) and taking on a whole new career, which, even though it's been nearly three-years, is still very new to me, I've been stretching my limits in new-to-me ways; travel, reading, types of activities, and new types of crafts - like this project. Without a doubt, my crafting has become my therapy. At the end of the day, I think we all need some kind of outlet. Everything was on auto-pilot where I worked prior to becoming the development director for a non-profit medical and dental clinic for those in need.

I'm learning more than I ever imagined I would. From the intricacies of  today's healthcare system to the complexities of local, state and federal politics, my brain is taxed. From the pressure of raising funds to support this free clinic that offers much-needed services to so many in need, to the distress of trying to save the jobs of those I've grown to appreciate, my heart aches. From knowing that this free clinic is the only access to healthcare for its patients, to not understanding why more don't "get it," my energy level is high.

Don't think for a minute there aren't days when I'm ready to concede and let "them" win.
Luckily, those days are few, thanks to the energy fueled by the sudden desire to learn and become an expert in my field, which - like today's project - is not at all for the faint of heart.

I hope you enjoy making this flag just in time for your Fourth of July celebration, wherever that might be.

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