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Sports Recovery at the iCRYO Port St. Lucie-

iCRYO Port St. Lucie-

At iCRYO Port St. Lucie we are focused on delivery the highest quality experiences to assist customers on their journey who wish to look and feel better and perform their very best!

Whether that is as a Mixed Martial Arts Competitor, Cross fit champion, Distance/Marathon runner, Triathlete or as a Business Leader of a Company that demands you stay in tip top condition to deliver for your employees and customers on a daily basis. The modalities offered at the Lemon Light Lounge will reset your body back to its original factory settings.  So, when you need to recover from a fitness challenge, workout, stressful event or a health issue that you want to solve at the root cause...the recovery modalities we have do just that! Remove the bad cells and replace them with fresh new cells, energy, oxygen and nutrients. If our cells are healthy, so will our tissues, muscles, organs and entire bodies be healthy. Each of the therapies we offer imparts light energy back into your body so they are all extremely restorative.

We have Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy at iCRYO Port St. Lucie

First a lot about Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy…as it’s sweeping the nation….and something to really learn about One of the most important lessons I can implore to you regarding the use of electromagnetic therapies, is to clearly understand the actions they have in the body. These actions happen in all bodies every time PEMFs are used. Most diseases or health conditions have very common components to them.

The body has a somewhat limited repertoire of reacting to damage, injury or illness. The most commonly described actions of PEMF’s include: pain reduction, reduction of swelling, decreasing the irritability of nerves, relaxing muscles, improving circulation, various metabolic effects, detoxification, cell membrane charge balancing and stimulation of repair by stimulating RNA and DNA. PEMF’s also have reflexology and acupuncture like actions in the body.

Using these concepts, you can begin to think about how athletes might benefit tremendously from PEMF’s. At the very least, athletes need to have their muscles working in an optimal fashion. This is important to maintain structural integrity and maximize performance of the body for a particular sport. Maximizing performance decreases the risk of injury, never mind winning a competition. The biggest health risk to the athlete is injury.

PEMF’s should be used by athletes to maximize function of the body and at the same time reduce the risk of sports injury and to help the body recover faster from any injuries. With these ideas, athletes should be using whole body magnetic stimulation before and after workouts, tryouts, and any level of competition. Using PEMFs before competition causes the body to be optimized in its function. This will produce better performance. 

It’s been found that muscles work harder, longer and recover faster with magnetic stimulation. Also, once used, muscles become sore and often tense or have spasm. A classic action of magnetic fields is to reduce muscle contraction. Athletes often have to compete and work out despite their injuries, large and small. This is why regular use of magnetic fields is so important to any high level, or even weekend, athletes.

Some athletes are still functioning into their 40s at a world-class level because of continuing use of PEMF’s. Typically, it takes athletes 2 to 3 days to recover from competitions. At Olympic events East Germans and Russians get be back the next day like robots without showing any of the effects of wearing out. That’s because they are all using some sort of PEMF stimulation devices (and have been for some time). These are not illegal and are not considered to be doping. Essentially, they are therapeutic systems that help to wash the stress out of the body and reduce swelling and muscles and remove lactic acid.

Research shows that PEMFs stimulate a process called myosin phosphorylation. This is the process of energy production in muscle. Phosphorylation produces ATP. ATP is essential for cell energy. Depleted ATP creates weak muscles. Workouts and a lot of strenuous muscle activity, deplete ATP. Rest restores ATP, assuming the body has the building blocks necessary to replenish it (Oxygen & Nutrition). PEMFs restore ATP by stimulating myosin phosphorylation.

We Have a Far Infrared Sauna at iCRYO Port St. Lucie

Sauna therapy causes net muscle growth (which helps reduce fat simultaneously).  During a sauna, your body releases massive amounts of heat shock proteins (HSPs). These HSPs help prevent oxidative stress (a cause of muscle breakdown) by scavenging free radicals and maintaining healthy glutathione levels (R, R2).  The HSPs released during exposure to heat have also been shown to repair damaged proteins that, otherwise, would likely be destroyed by the body (R, R2).

When it comes to the use of a Far Infrared Sauna we must consider another aspect of muscle recovery. When we are able to spend 20 to 30 minutes in the FIR Sauna heat shock protein are generated along with HGH releases at levels greater than 400% if you hadn’t used the Sauna. This is simply incredible beneficial for recovery. Muscles that are very active are stressed and therefore need higher levels of heat shock protein. It was discovered that when you damage a cell by heating it, heat shock protein is produced. It was also discovered that if you induce heat shock proteins in advance of potential damage, using stimulation techniques that are very gentle (Like a FIR Sauna), you will reduce tissue damage. Sauna use can increase IGF-1, a vital hormone for growth an recovery. One study that looked at this, found a 142% increase in IGF-1, which is also crucial in healing, during sauna use. 

We Have Whole Body Cryotherapy at iCRYO Port St. Lucie

Indeed, it was discovered by the research team that cold therapy worked by increasing the runners’ primary white blood cell count, known as a neutrophil. This reduces muscle soreness following high-intensity exercises in endurance training. They explained how the improvements were the result of the treatment as it reduces cardiovascular strain and enhances the oxygenation of the body.

This new evidence proves without a doubt that WBC stimulates an anti-inflammatory response following strenuous exercises, giving the athletes better and shorter recovering time. Runners benefit from a significant reduction in pro-inflammatory markers when they use cryotherapy sessions. It did not take long for the research team to conclude that when the cryo sessions were performed immediately following exercise, it enhanced muscle recovery by restricting the inflammatory process.

Further research with similar results was conducted with tennis and volleyball players. Studies also showed that results differed according to individual health and fitness. Timing and frequency played a big part in getting maximum benefits from whole body cryotherapy.


Athletes and bone fractures go together, so bone health is primordial for them. Another study conducted side by side with the Italian rugby team showed that Whole Body Cryotherapy helps in the prevention of bone stress fractures. 

WBC stimulates an anti-inflammatory response that is critical to recovery.  In the journal Injury, they describe how Whole-Body Cryotherapy significantly increased the levels of osteoprotegerin (a protein that plays a vital role in bone metabolism) over a 5-day treatment. Thus, not only speeding up the recovery time from fractures but also preventing them.  As an athlete, you want to protect your body, and you need a solution for faster full training recovery. Rocky Mountain is the place you are looking for, located in Denver. Come in for a friendly chat, tell us what you need, we will do our best to answer your question and help you book your first session. You can also give us a call; we are always ready to help.

We Have Photobiomodulation or Low-Level Light Therapy at iCRYO Port St. Lucie

You see, our bodies can “eat” light. I was shocked too when I started looking into the hundreds of high-quality (randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled) published studies on red light and near infrared light therapy.  Photobiomodulation is helpful for everything from thyroid function to wound healing. We’ll dive into the full list later on, but here’s a short preview:

Increasing Collagen and Elastin Production – These are the main proteins that provide structural support for our skin. Collagen provides suppleness, while elastin provides elasticity. (2)

Fat Metabolism – Although the exact mechanism is not yet fully understood, red light therapy increases the body’s ability to metabolize fat. It may be due to its ability to disperse (some say melt) adipocytes, which are cells that store fat.

Increasing Energy Levels – As we’ll discuss in the next section, red light therapy generates cellular energy, thus increasing overall energy levels.

Detoxification Support – Red light therapy causes an increase in lymphatic system activity, which I talked about in this post on dry brushing assists with detoxification

The science of how our bodies metabolize (or “eat”) light to achieve these benefits centers around something called cytochrome c oxidase, which we’ll dive into more later. But first, you’re probably wondering . . .


PhotoBioModulation is fast becoming the market leading method when it comes to sports recovery. It has so many positive effects on the body it easily outmaneuvers multiple other therapies. In a recent comparison against Cryotherapy it won 5/5 times. The most studies done on PhotoBioModulation were done on hand held units. The addition of Whole- body units at the power levels they can achieve and deliver, has raised the bar for Sports recovery modalities. 


At iCRYO Port St. Lucie we have the most advanced PhotoBioModulation technology on the market.  It has the most power, comprehensive set of 5 efficacious lights, the ability to pulse (at Nano second levels) which increase effectiveness and the shortest cycles of therapy from 8 – 12 minutes maximum.  We can incorporate audio therapy as well upon request. 

The Mechanism of Action of PhotoBioModulation is for the (2-Red, 1-Green + 2-Infrared) light to be absorbed directly into the Mitochondria where it does three main things; 1) Releases Nitrous Oxide, that flows into our blood stream softening cell walls and relaxing our vacuolar structure; next 2) Reactive Oxygen Species is released which triggers a DNA response to repair tissues that needs it; and finally 3) ATP production is increased immensely as it now has the available space and capacity to do its job since the junk has been removed. A cell that was once producing just 3 ATP’s per rep is now going to be producing as much as 18 or more. A 600% increase in ATP efficiency is going to enable more strength, endurance and energy for whatever your body needs it for. The markers for Photobiomodulation therapy have been incredible. PBMT was superior in reducing creatine kinase, inflammation and lactate compared to cryotherapy following strenuous/high intensity aerobic or strength muscular exercise. PBMT was also shown to improve post-exercise muscle performance and function. Giving you an edge all day long physically. The benefits of PBMT extend well beyond physical though as it is being studied for Alzheimer’s and a host of other mental disorders that can benefit from a reduction in Oxidative stress. 

Photobiomodulation also has a very beneficial impact on our Thyroid and hormones.   

Researchers have found that it also has a valuable boosting impact on thyroid function for both women and men. There are also clinical studies that suggest it may increase testosterone production in men.

Photobiomodulation Supports Healing and Recovery

Because it stimulates the production of ATP that restores, repairs, energizes, and maintains our bodies, red light therapy can be helpful for:

Reducing discomfort in the neck, back and joints

Faster wound healing

Faster muscle recovery

Enhancing athletic performance

The system we have created (with all therapies) at the is what we call the Infinity Healthy Protocol.  Oxidative stress is the Root Cause for 85% of chronic disease so you are opening up a whole new level and quality of life by introducing these therapies.  With the additional treatment of injuries @ the cellular with Red Light Therapy or PBMT, Pulse Centers PEMF’s we address the root cause.  With Whole Body & Local Cryo for Inflammation, and FIR Sauna to detox and ease stress We caddress muscles at the systemic level.  With these amazing services, we are enabling the weekend warriors, serious athletes, Pilates guru’s, Cross fit competitors and Business leaders to Look, Feel, Think and Perform better than ever!  You will establish a whole new standard for yourself!

How Compression Therapy can help with Sports Recovery at iCRYO Port St. Lucie

Unlike many trendy recovery techniques, compression therapy treatment has a solid history rooted in medical science. It has been around for some time.  Athletes have been using it in their daily routine to help them recover faster after an intense workout. Every athlete, regardless of their level of fitness knows there is a recovery period after a workout, when the muscles get sore, stiff and fatigued. During this time the body is getting rid of lactic acid and rebuilding the muscle fibers.
Usually the recovery process starts immediately and can take several days to fully recover depending on the intensity of the workout. The compression therapy mimics the body’s natural process of flushing out the lactic acid from muscles, therefore speeding up the recovery and rebuilding of the muscle tissue, as well as increasing flexibility and improving range of motion.
The refreshing effects of compression therapy can be felt in just one session, but it is advisable to continue using it for maximum results up to six times a week. Generally, the more often you utilize it, the more beneficial it can be.

Some of the key benefits of compression therapy:

Faster recovery time between workouts, training cycles, or even in between seasons

Rapid recovery from injury

Healthy circulation, reduced swelling and pain relief.

Enhanced flexibility and range of motion

Refreshed and rejuvenated muscles

Reduced inflammation and decreased water accumulation

Removal of toxins like lactic acid

Improved circulation

Immediate relief for “heavy legs”

Prevention of the development of cellulite

Prevention/elimination of first-stage varicose

Strengthens loose skin (due to pregnancy/obesity)


iCRYO Port St. Lucie is the place to optimize your body for sports performance and much more!  For more information please visit us at 1461 St. Lucie West Blvd. or at our website.

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