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Do's and Don'ts - From Your Wedding Florist

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for working with your florist for your big day.


Do Schedule a consultation at a time that works for you and your florist. Just dropping in is not a good idea. Most are running busy retail shops and you will not get their undivided attention.

Do bring a list with the following information:

  • Your contact info
  • Wedding date and start time
  • Venue locations
  • Number of guests
  • Types of items you think you need

Your florist knows some of the numbers may change, but it helps them know the overall size and your basic expectations from the beginning.

Do bring inspiration pictures, fabric swatches or color chips. Your inspiration pictures don’t have to be exactly what you are looking for but you need to give your florist an idea of the styles you like and a the colors you are looking for. Coral, Salmon, and Pink, for example, may be completely different colors to different people.

Do give a budget range that will allow your florist to put together a custom package with several options.

Do have a list of what your must haves are and what things are optional if they fit in your budget.

Do plan to stop by the florist the day before your event for a quick peek at your flowers, sometimes if there is something you don’t like it is likely your arrangements can be tweaked at the shop.

Do pick an experienced wedding florist, and do let them create something beautiful for you!


Don’t worry about picking out specific flowers, it’s our job to suggest flowers that will be in season and come in the right colors and textures to go with your look.

Don’t keep your florist guessing on your budget, be clear and open about everything.

Don’t bring more than 2 people with you to your consultation, too many people can make your preferences and priorities get lost.

Don’t worry about having every detail figured out in the consultation, some details will be figured out after the first draft of your proposal and you start picking what you want to book.

Don’t expect a price at the consultation unless you have picked out a pre-prepared package offered by the florist. Almost every wedding is different and pricing of wedding flowers can take hours. Flowers have seasonal shifts in price and availability and we have to also check with farms all over the world so putting together a quote takes time.

Don’t buy a bunch of vases or décor accessories before you meet with your florist. Often you can purchase or rent them much cheaper than you can buy them retail or you can risk buying a container that won’t work for the types of arrangements you end up picking.

Follow this list of Do's and Don'ts from your florist and things should go more smoothly for your big day!