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deLITEful Kitchen

We are committed to providing organic, anti-biotic and hormone free, gluten free, made from scratch healthy food.

deLITEful Kitchen
2401 S. East Ocean Blvd.
Stuart, FL 34996
Today's Hours: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
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About deLITEful Kitchen

A perpetually busy and healthy spot, deLITEful Kitchen located in Cedar Point Plaza, Stuart helps to make the seemingly unattainable goal of healthy eating healthy a thing of the past. Instead of punishing your palate with bland food or starving your body, you can eat delicious, real meals prepared to perfection. Ingredients are certified organic, and locally sourced. Juices, smoothies and recipes are freshly made with organic fruits and vegetables. Of course, there are cheat days, but there are plenty of delicious, healthy ways to indulge at deLITEful Kitchen. Even the desserts are guilt free. (Must try the Chocolate Hazelnut Hummus)

Smoothies and Juicing are great way to start your day, provide the afternoon pick-me-up or simply help with overall wellbeing. deLITEful Kitchen has over 13 juice drinks and 32 smoothies on the menu. Don't let that hold you back though, because you can make your own creation or even create your version of happy hour with shots such as: wheat grass, apple cider vinegar or spirulina.

deLITEful Kitchen is leaving out the gluten and bringin in the flavor. Craving a wrap? No Problem. How about a decadent pasta dish? Don't worry, it's covered.

Open Monday - Saturday for your clean-eating convenience, deLITEful Kitchen also offers meal delivery or pickup. This service is available by the day, or by the week. These options are available for: Keto, Adult, Vegan and Kids.

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