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Beachside Rehab

Treatment Focused on Comfort, Care, and Recovery

Beachside Rehab
4005 N. Hwy A1A
Hutchinson Island, FL 34950
Today's Hours: Open 24 Hours a Day
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About Beachside Rehab

Beachside Rehab is a private, drug and alcohol abuse treatment facility located on Hutchinson Island, Florida. We take a holistic approach to treatment, while also supporting the proven 12-step program and SMART Recovery.

The center’s philosophy is built upon the belief that chemical dependency is a chronic, progressive, and fatal illness if untreated. The problem is pervasive and affects not only the identified dependent individual, but those who are in any type of intimate relationship with the individual (i.e. family members, spouse, employees, etc.). 

Chemical dependency places enormous strain on the family systems and places all members in jeopardy. 

It is Beachside Rehab’s philosophy that the problem is diagnosable and treatable. 

It is further believed that not only the identified chemically dependent individual is in need of treatment, but whenever possible, the entire family system is also in need of treatment.

We believe that “addicts” and those who love them have been wrongfully associated with a negative stigma.  While the effects of addiction are undoubtedly negative, it is not the actual person or a personality flaw that should be stigmatized as being negative, but rather a coping skill that resulted in a negative outcome.

Usually people do not strive to become addicted, but rather get engulfed by the pull of the temporary relief substances provide.  Addiction can happen fast, and it does not discriminate, or only affect a certain type of person. It affects mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, from teenagers and veterans to CEO’s and doctors.  It is rampant throughout today’s society.

We utilize mind, body, and spiritual elements to provide an enhanced recovery program for each individual. We understand that every person is faced with unique circumstances and that one program does not fit all. For this reason, we work hard to provide the specialized treatment that every patient deserves.


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