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Information and resources on health, beauty, and other relevant topics for women on the Treasure Coast.

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Weight Loss

Tips for Making Weight Loss Easier

Most women, at some time in their life, have tried to lose weight.  Whether it was just after childbirth or after the "big change of life", we all get to have a go at the seemingly impossible challenge of taking off weight.

It is true, women have a harder time losing weight than men do. A combination of the daily stress, sugar addiction, and putting everyone and everything else first make it a daunting task.

Here are a few things that will help women begin to make progress in weight loss journey:

Keep a Journal - It's not as difficult as you make it seem, just keep a small pad and pen in your purse, or use the Notes App on your phone.  Write down everything you eat and how it makes you feel. After a couple of weeks, you will be surprised at the amount of food you eat and how each food has a profound effect on your mood and energy levels.

Strength Training - Lift some light weights while you sit your butt on the couch.  Is that so bad? You can start burning calories without even breaking a sweat. Once you build some muscle, you will eventually feel like taking a walk and beginning some cardio workouts.

Get some Sleep - Plan to get those 8 hours that you keep hearing about. Losing sleep is a great way to put on pounds. If you think you are getting more done by staying up late, hop on the scale and see what you have really done.

Plan Ahead - Make a list before you go grocery shopping and stick to the list. If you are going out to eat, think ahead of time what you will order and stick to the plan. 

Eat a Snack - Don't let yourself get too hungry.  That is when the really bad decisions happen.

If you try and follow these few simple suggestions, eventually you can build on your success and begin to eat a health diet, exercise, and get enough sleep.  The combination of those things will take your extra weight off slowly and in a healthy way. Good Luck, you can do it!