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Information and resources on health, beauty, and other relevant topics for women on the Treasure Coast.

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Mental Health

Body Image

From a very early age, we learn to compare our bodies to others.  We are taught that we should be ashamed to be different that what is established as the normal body.  As adults, many women finally break free of this body image issue and learn to accept who we are.  Unfortunately, it can take 50 years, more than half of our lives, to figure this out.

If you have not learned to love yourself as you are, here are some words of wisdom that might help:

Some things you cannot change. Are you too short, too tall, have curly hair, or is it too straight? Decide that these things are OK and accept yourself that way.  The point is, you cannot change some things about your physical body, so be thankful that you have all of your necessary parts and that they are functioning.  Even if you were born without half of your body, you still deserve to love yourself for who you are.

Some things you can change.  You may be a bit over weight or have unwanted facial hair.  That's ok, unless it's not ok with you. Start going for long walks and change your diet. You may take off some of those unwanted pounds.  You can have your face waxed or laser-hair removal to get rid of those unwanted whiskers. There is still no reason to be harsh with yourself for having these imperfections. Simply do something about it and you will feel much better.

Embrace your motherly changes.  Do you have stretch marks from child raring? Be proud! You performed a miracle and there is no reason to be ashamed of that. If you are worried about your partner not being as attracted to you after you have a baby and are marked up, have no fear.  Men don't see women's bodies the way they appear to the woman.

Time changes everything. Aging bodies will change and that is a fact that nobody can deny. You can slow the appearance by eating healthy and exercising, reducing stress, and trying some of those anit-aging products. The point is, gravity sill not go away and your skin will lose it's elasticity, no matter what you do.  It's ok to age.  You still love your grandmother, right? There is a certain charm that an old face has, so embrace those changes and love yourself for them.

Remember, you deserve to be loved, especially by yourself. 

Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good

We have all heard the old saying that if you look good, you will feel good, and then you will do good.  It's true!  When you feel confident about your appearance, your attitude changes and that also changes how you act. 

Life will get you down, sometimes.  No matter how much you love your family, have a perfect marriage, drive a new car, you will occasionally feel down, it's just how life goes.  Stressful busy days can keep you from taking care of yourself, not because you don't care, you just don't take the time to go get that haircut or workout at the gym.

If you notice this happening to you, remember to give yourself attention the way you would give a loved-one attention when they needed you.  Go get your hair done, take a long walk, buy a new outfit, or whatever it takes to feel like you look better.  Once you look better, you will feel better.

Feeling good about yourself will reflect in everything you do. It will make you a better parent, friend, spouse, and employee. You will hold yourself taller, talk more clearly, and think more clearly.  It is a psychological uplifting when you feel that you look good.  You will be able to handle more stressful tasks and be more creative.  The result will be better performance, all because you went out and got that haircut that you have been putting off.