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Saint Anastasia Catholic School

It is our belief to nurture the body as well as the soul of our students

Saint Anastasia Catholic School
401 S. 23rd Street
Fort Pierce, FL 34947
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About St. Anastasia

When you ask the alumni of St. Anastasia Catholic School to pick a word or phrase that reflects on their learning years you will hear words like faith, love, close-knit, caring, smart, and other positives. The seeds and values of their success were planted in their early learning years.

St. Anastasia Catholic School's impression on the community dates back over 100 years to 1914 when Father Gabriel Ruppert's vision took root until its evolution into today's more modern society.

The philosophy of St. Anastasia Catholic School believes each student is a unique child of God, called to achieve excellence by nurturing the mind, body and soul in the image and likeness of God.

"School liturgy, daily prayer, religious education, Catholic Sacraments, service days, retreats, competitive athletics, family picnics and many other formative opportunities all contribute to an environment that is guided by the spirit and not by governments or the random demands of our society." said school principal, Dr. Kevin Hoeffner.

Planting The Seeds Of Our Community

The alumni of St. Anastasia Catholic School are now servicing you in your community. They are your elected officials, medical professionals, business owners, teachers and your friends. It is common that if you know someone that attended St. Anastasia Catholic school, then so have their children and most likely their parents as well.

Let your children be the next crop of seeds to raise their family and serve their community with the values of St. Anastasia Catholic School.

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