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Three Tier System

The Distribution Process

With the passing of Prohibition, the three-tier system was implemented to create a “checks and balances” system in the distribution of alcohol. The three tier system eliminates the influence suppliers may have over retailers and to help in assisting brewers with access to the marketplace. The process allows all retailers, large and small, the ability to succeed.

The system structure is that producers can sell their products only to wholesaler distributors, who can then sell only to retailers and these retailers can only sell to consumers.

The three tiers are:

Producers: Breweries, Winemakers, Distillers and Importers
Sailfish Brewing Company, Islamorada Brewing Company, Side Door Brewing Company, Walking Tree Brewery, Orchid Island Brewing Company and Longneck Brew House

Distributors: Beer Distributors, Wine Wholesalers and Spirits Wholesalers
Southern Eagle Distributing Company

Retailers: Bars, Restaurants, Liquor Stores and Grocers
Bonner Bar, Bar Fusion, The Inlet, Orange Bloom, 12A, Chuck’s, Total Wine & More