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HealthSource of Stuart

Treasure Coast's Progressive Rehab Chiropractor

HealthSource of Stuart
4401 SE Federal Hwy
Stuart, FL 34997
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Do you HealthSource?

Back pain? Migraines? Earaches? Or, do you need to maintain wellness? HealthSource of Stuart treats each patient by their unique needs for any health problem you may have. Each and every one of suffers from an ailment. HealthSource can help you with yours. The goal at HealthSource is to have each and everyone’s bodies well and performing at their best. Sometimes that just means maintaining your body through wellness appointments. 

Here at HealthSource, we also offer several other therapies to help the healing process happen quicker, such as Massage Therapy, Cold Laser Treatment, and Electronic Simulation. Additionally, Dr. Kenyon offers Rock Taping to help the healing process of injuries. The HealthSource Team is very knowledgeable about nutrition and Standard Process Supplements. By combining chiropractic with all of these methods, you can allow your body to be well again!

What is Chiropractic

Innate Intelligence is your body's ability to heal itself. Maintaining a healthy body through chiropractic care aids this innate intelligence the ability to do so. Along the spinal cord, the segments can become misaligned from several factors. Chiropractors serve to correct the misalignments. From alleviating major aches and pains to keeping your body well, the goal is to attain a well-balanced body. A simple thing, as sleeping wrong on your pillow, can put your body into misalignment. By keeping regular appointments, your body will perform at its optimum level! 

About Dr. Kenyon

After completing her B.S. in Pre-Med at Wagner College in 2004, Dr. Alyssa Kenyon continued her studies at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, FL, which equipped her with the best chiropractic training. Dr. Kenyon opened her first practice in Jupiter in 2008, followed by her Stuart Office in 2010. Dr. Kenyon's employs a full-time Licensed Massage Therapist. Patients of all ages flock to the practice. Make your appointment today!

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